Loosely Woven

Welcome to the home of Loosely Woven, an adhoc troupe of musicians based in Sydney's Northern Beaches who put together and perform 3-4 free acoustic shows each year - just for the fun of it!

This site is designed to assist with the organisation and promotion of Loosely Woven events and to act as an archive once an event has occurred.

Click here for general information about Loosely Woven. Have a look at a selection of YouTube video clips. Go to the Humph Hall site.

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Current & Future Shows
Bright Eyes (Christmas 2015)
Balls & Chains (May 2016?)
Day Concerts (ongoing)
2015 Yearly Planner
2016 Yearly Planner
Historical Timeline (up to 2007) Repertoire (as of Jan 2015)

Past Shows
For King & Country (6th September 2015)
Spanish Lady (August 2015)
Wave (March 2015)
Dance up the sun (Christmas 2014)
Dreams (August/September 2014)
On the road '14
Miscellaneous 2013 Events
The Living Years (Christmas 2013)
Never Forget You (July/August 2013)
Chimes of Freedom (April/May 2013)
Miscellaneous 2012 Events
Universal Child (Christmas 2012)
One Voice
(July/August 2012)
On the road '12 (April 2012)
Miscellaneous 2011 Events
Summertime (Christmas 2011)
Thoroughly Thora (August 2011)
Aura of Delight (May 2011)
On the road '11 (April 2011)
Shared Indulgence II
(12th Feb 2011)
Miscellaneous 2010 Events

Balance (Christmas 2010)
New Theatre KIDS CLUB '10 (throughout 2010)
Razzle Dazzle (August/September 2010)
All Around My Hat (April/May 2010)
Beauty of the World
(January 2010)
New Theatre KIDS CLUB '09
(throughout 2009)
Miscellaneous 2009 Events

Song of Peace
(Christmas 2009)
Pastures of Plenty
(September '09)
The Colour of Prudence
(July '09)
On the road '09

Miscellaneous 2008 Events
Curoo Curoo (Christmas 2008)
The Beauty of the World (Aug 08, Mar 09 & Jan '10)
New Theatre KIDS CLUB '08
(throughout 2008)
On the road '08 (April 2008)
Miscellaneous 2007 Events
New Theatre KIDS CLUB '07 (throughout 2007)
Morning Tide (Christmas 2007)
Serendipity (August/September 2007)
Jenolan Caves (4th August 2007)
On the road '07 (April 2007)
Deja Vu (February-March + May 2007)
Shakin' the tree (Christmas 2006)
Concert for Oscar (October/November 2006)
Waltzing with bears (August 2006)
Aba Daba Honeymoon (April 2006)
Frilly Red Pyjamas (Christmas 2005)
Bird sings the blues (September 2005)
Rumblin' Sound (April/May 2005)
Fogs is the problem! (Revival: March 05)
A Royal Kind of Christmas (Christmas 2004)
Fogs is the problem! (Oct 04)
Blue Skies (July 2004)
Gypsy (Christmas 2003)
Into Our Dawn (Sept 03 & April 04)
R & R (May 2002)

Spanish Lady