Loosely Woven

Welcome to the home of Loosely Woven, an adhoc troupe of musicians based in Sydney's Northern Beaches who put together & perform 3-4 free acoustic shows each year - just for the fun of it!  And, would you believe, they have been doing so for a quarter of a century!  20th Sept. 2020 was exactly 25 years on from the first ever Loosely Woven concert which took place in Warriewood Surf Club on 20th Sept. 1990.

This site is to assist with the organisation and promotion of Loosely Woven events and to act as an archive once an event has occurred.

Click here for general info about Loosely Woven. Have a look at a selection of YouTube video clips.

If you think you might like to be involved in a show with Loosely Woven please contact Wayne 02 9939 8802 or 0400 803 804.

By the way, what you are looking at is a relatively new 'responsive' site launched in July 2020.  For info about concerts before that date go to the old site.

You might also like to visit the Humph Hall site and The Corona Ensemble site.

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We’ll Meet Again

We’ll meet again’ is a brand new show originally put together and partly rehearsed in 2020 with the naive hope of performing it later that year.

We are now intending to perform it early in 2022!  :-)

Heart & Soul

With ‘We’ll Meet Again’ being postponed until 2022, we began in May 2021 to put together a brand new show called ‘Heart & Soul’.

Performances were supposed to have been happening in July but had to be put on hold because of Covid. We will now be performing it in December 2021.