'Trouble & Strife' songs - (Draft)

Trouble & Strife Songbook


O Waly Waly - Reh audio - Full Score, Instruments, Vocals, Harp, Flute [PT: Complete, Lesley, Bar 8: All, Julie, Sops, Altos, Men Flute]

A Medley of (Good?) Intentions - [PT: Complete]

Lumps of Pudding - [PT: Tune]

The Modes of the Court - [PT: Complete, All, Sops, Alto, Tenor, Bass]

Charlie Mopps - Audio - Video - Score

Whiskey in the jar -  Audio

The Air Medley , Harp, Flute, Violin & Viola, Cello [PT: Complete, Pratik flute]

Sing me a song of a lad that is gone - [PT: Tune]

Calon Lan - [PT: All, Sops, Altos, Men]

Scarborough Fair - [PT: Verse: Both, Kim, Elizabeth, Chorus & ending: All, Sops, Altos, Men]

Whirling Gypsies Medley - Full Score, Vocals, Flute, Strings, Bass - [PT: Complete]

Witches Reel (Green Crown) - Audio - [PT: Final Chorus: All, Tune, Desc, Alto, Men]

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Audio - [PT: 1st ending: All, Sop, Alto, Ten, Bass, Final ending: All, Sop, Alto, Ten, Bass]

Fields of Athenry - Audio - Video - Score [PT: Complete, All, Sops, Altos, Tenors, Basses]

Drinking Medley

Burlington Bertie from Bow - Audio

Where did you get that hat? - Audio

Married to a Mermaid - Audio

Don't dilly dally on the way - Audio [PT: Complete, Chorus: All, Sops, Altos, Men]

Up the Apples and Pears - Audio

A Convict's Medley - Full Score, Vocals - [PT: Complete]

The Whitby Lad - Audio - [PT: Complete, Both, Chorus: Both, Top, Bottom]

The True Lover's Farewell - Audio - [PT: Complete, Both, Lily, Ting, Coda: All, Sop 1, Sop 2, Altos, Men]

Botany Bay - Audio - [PT: Complete, All, Chorus: All, Sops, Altos, Men]

The Parting Glass - Audio - Video - Score [PT: All, Sops, Altos, Men]